How it works

This is an elearn package designed for you.

The programme lasts for approximately 12 months and is made up of 8 units.  The first two units are assessed by CMI for your Certificate in Management and Leadership.  You then complete a further 5 units and can flex the order you complete them in to meet your business needs.  The final unit is workshop based, allowing you to put your learning into practice and share your experiences.

We provide coaching support which you can request at those crucial times to support you and the business.

The exercises you complete are assessed so that we know that you are on track and you feel supported.

Finally, the key aspect for us is that you put the learning into practice.  There is no point going through the programme but not making any changes as a result.  We want to see real changes in the way you manage and you will feel more confident in your role as a manager.  The business and you will benefit.